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tv   NBC 10 News  NBC  November 15, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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my initial thought is that the ball was out. >> dan: it's out. >> doug: it's on its way out before the knee comes to the ground. northwestern gets their opportunity. >> referee: the ruling on the ground is the runner fumbled the ball, recovered by the defense. that play is under further review. >> doug: campbell does a great job just ripping at the ball, pulling it out. >> dan: yeah, they had mcdaniel double teamed there. >> doug: lowry being a part of the tackle. hall seeing his opportunity and diving on it. so you get a little reprieve from the interference call. hall has the opportunity to get the ball back to his team. >> dan: it looks like it's on its way out before that knee touches by mcdaniel. >> doug: boy, that's the last
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guy on the field you would expect the ball to pop out. >> dan: that would be the fourth turnover by notre dame, matching northwestern. eight turnovers combined. >> doug: it's only fair. you have four, now we have four. here's 1:30 on the clock. what can you do? not yet. make sure after the review. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands. first down northwestern. >> dan: so the wildcats get the ball back with 1:28 left. no time-outs. they need a field goal, which would be attempted by jack mitchell, who has made a couple from 31 and 46 tonight. missed one from 43. fitzgerald and the wildcats offense here are going to try to get as much as they can here. this will be interesting to see how siemian can work his way down the field here with no time-outs.
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pass complete. clock will run. >> doug: the key here is you'd like to get first down yardage. when that clock stops you have a chance to line back up. plays like that where you're short of the first, it's running. >> dan: second and two after a gain of eight. that's going to be a first down and the ball is loose. dickerson let it get away from him. >> doug: i don't know if it's the cold conditions, but the ball is just coming out way too easily. it gets knocked out of bounds actually saving northwestern some time. they'll get lined up. the clock should restart because it was fumbled from inbounds. >> referee: the ball will be brought back to the spot of the fumble. the clock will wind on my signal. >> doug: they only need a field goal so there's plenty of time to nickel and dime. >> dan: the ball is up at the 43. >> doug: no time-outs.
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if you're stopped short of a first down, the clock is running. >> dan: if they can get at least to the 30 yard line of notre dame to give mitchell a shot. siemian to midfield. that ball is complete and on the run is prater trying to get out of bounds, which he does. at the 40. gain of 17. so now they're about ten yards or so away from the potential distance mitchell could hit from. >> doug: great job of breaking the tackle and getting to the sideline because he was going to be short of a first down and the clock would have been running. now it's stopped. >> dan: that ball is complete. again to prater. and they're getting closer and closer within range. devin butler on the coverage. >> doug: now once you're on the edge of field goal range is when a defense decides we're going to turn it loose and come after you and create a sack to push you back, or you are vulnerable for a big play. >> dan: and there goes mitchell, starting outfielder on the
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baseball team for northwestern in his first season playing football. siemian trying to get them in position. prater tight roping there and that ball is complete. >> doug: that was a precision throw. >> dan: it was. the ball is inside the 30. it's now at the 28. >> doug: jaylon smith is out in the flat ready to take that away and siemian just turned it loose. >> dan: and they are within range. even though mitchell hasn't had a lot of tries at long field goals. again came into this game without making one from over 30. >> doug: it looks like man coverage here for the first time in the drive. here's your opportunity, both offensively or defensively to make a big play. >> dan: down the sidelines, incomplete. and he wanted the 6'5" prater again. >> doug: boy, if he had kept that inbounds, prater might have made a play on it. he had an opportunity here
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working one on one with butler. butler does get his hands on him. which is a bonus from last week. he struggled in one on one coverage. there he did a decent job of staying with him. >> dan: the height differential there, butler only six feet, prater 6'5". second and ten. 30 seconds to go. siemian down the middle and he was a little high. looking for mchugh. third and ten, clock stopped with 29 to go. >> doug: wow, all-out blitz. man-to-man coverage, all over the field. austin collinsworth in coverage trips and falls. it's a touchdown if the ball is on the mark. >> dan: the ball is spotted at the 28. it will be about a 45, 46-yard attempt if they're not able to get any more yardage from this point right now on third and ten. that one high incomplete. and it will bring up fourth and
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ten. intended for dickerson. >> doug: again, a great opportunity for a completion and the ball sails on siemian. 45-yarder to tie the game. >> dan: jack mitchell, first year on the northwestern football team. a 45-yard attempt. he made one from 31 and 46 earlier in the game. this one to tie it up with 25 seconds. he came in there and booted it but a time-out had been called by notre dame to ice the outfielder. >> doug: he gets a practice kick. he goes out, gets a practice kick. did it go through? it could be a confidence builder for him. he'll feel comfortable now, get the jitters out. take one good hard swing, practice swing on the range over there. now he's stepping up. >> dan: again, two years ago mitchell, we mentioned it earlier, was brought as a
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potential walk-on on the football team as a kicker. he elected to play baseball. he's been one of the best players on the wildcat baseball team so this summer he said, you know what, i'm going to get back to football. comes back, again had come into this game hitting eight of ten but none more than 29 yards for the season. now has a chance for a 17-point underdog northwestern team to tie it up here against notre dame. >> doug: jarron jones in the middle, they have had some blocked kicks throughout the year. >> dan: four career blocks for jones. jack mitchell is thinking one thing, drill this from 45 and give my team a chance. the kick is good, it's got plenty of leg and jack mitchell has tied it.
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welcome to the football team, jack mitchell. >> doug: no doubt about it. that was his best kick of the day. and how about the drive with no time-outs. 45-yarder. nice snap and hold, finished his stroke. drilled it straight down the pipe. >> dan: pat fitzgerald was on the northwestern team the last time these teams met 19 years ago as an all-american linebacker pulled off the big upset and jack mitchell with northwestern, 17-point underdogs. and you go back to that going for two for brian kelly. that's the difference right now. the point is that that remains a
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big factor with them now tied up at 40. >> doug: it really did, it turned it into a touchdown, two-point conversion and field goal game as opposed to two touchdowns. now with 19 seconds left -- unless notre dame were to free something on the return, they'll kneel down and take this to overtime. >> dan: there's cam mcdaniel who enabled northwestern to go down the field. so we're tied at 40, ball out to the 35 yard line but 16 seconds remaining. >> doug: i tell you what, with a time-out, i'm putting the ball up down the field here with 16 seconds. >> dan: so mitchell has made a 45-yarder to tie it, a 46-yarder earlier to go along with a 31-yarder. and the kicker on the other side of the field, kyle brindza, with all the kicking credentials, 0 for 1 with one miss from 38.
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golson out to fuller trying to get it in space but northwestern was there. and this clock is ticking down into overtime. can you believe this? >> doug: i really did not anticipate this. i thought if northwestern stays in the game, it would be a low-scoring, slug it out type of game. instead they have gone blow-for-blow with notre dame. scored 40 points on the game and taken it to o.t. >> dan: pat fitzgerald kind of calm his troops down. they were coming off that sideline celebrating, but fitzgerald just bringing them back to earth saying we've got overtime coming up here, boys. with a chance. brian kelly circling his team around him. >> doug: 546 yards of offense for northwestern today. a team that has struggled offensively. two big drives late in the game, down by two scores with 6 minutes to go. >> dan: once again this has been
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the theme for the overtime game. coin toss. each team gets a possession from the 25. you have to go for two starting with the third overtime. no game clock, play clock only and each team gets one time-out per overtime period. >> doug: is pat fitzgerald going to go for two if they score a touchdown on the first attempt? i'm not going to question it other than notre dame has struggled with their field goal/p.a.t. team and the potential to just mix an extra point or bobble the snap. >> dan: wow. >> doug: and get outscored in overtime. >> dan: all-time overtime records for both schools in a game which has produced more than 1,000 yards of offense tonight. last time we were here, 93 points scored between north carolina and notre dame. that was a notre dame stadium record in the 84-year history.
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>> doug: it's just pure fun when you're scoring points. who wants to see lsu/alabama 9-6. >> dan: a little different than northwestern/michigan last week, 10-9 final. is this the same northwestern team? >> doug: i've been saying that all day. it's the fourth quarter northwestern team. >> referee: okay, captains, we're going to overtime. the coin flip will be called by northwestern. the winner of the coin flip has the choice of offense, defense or what end of the field they want to play on. what's your choice? >> tails. >> referee: called tails. it will land on the ground. it's a tail. offense, defense -- you want to play defense. what end of the field do you want to play on? you want to play on that end of the field. northwestern swing around here. notre dame you face this way.
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notre dame's ball first down. >> dan: so the irish will be at the 25 when we come back to start overtime tied at 40 on a chilly night at notre dame stadium.
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>> dan: notre dame and northwestern set for overtime at notre dame stadium. 40-40. a lot has happened in this game. four turnovers for each team. brian kelly and pat fitzgerald watching their teams cough it up numerous times. will fuller has been a big weapon for golson today. this touchdown made it 34-26. fuller has three touchdown catches on the day. that was another one there to make it 40-29. they went for two, they didn't get it. so the difference was 11. siemian walks it in and so northwestern goes for two at
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this point to get themselves within three. 40-37. and then just when it looked like notre dame was going to ice it, cam mcdaniel, the steady running back, turns it over for notre dame. jack mitchell connects on his third field goal of the game as siemian got them within good range for a 45-yarder to tie it up. that's where we stand right now as fitzgerald and northwestern try to pull off this upset. notre dame with their hands on the football first at the 25 yard line as we begin overtime. golson begins it by tossing it out to folston. for no gain. >> doug: well played defensively. the key here right now for northwestern is they have the ball last. they can make those decisions to go for it on fourth down. they can make those decisions on a field goal to win but they're in the driver's seat by going second. >> dan: by the way, that fumble by cam mcdaniel was his first of the season. that's how steady he has been.
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fuller has three touchdown catches. golson going his direction going down to the end zone and corey robinson stumbled there. a little bump and contact there but no flag. >> doug: i think that's a good no call, the ball sailing out of bounds. campbell has his eyes up looking for the ball. he does cross feet with corey, no doubt about it. i think it's a good no-call though. >> dan: that brings up third and ten. the normally reliable field goal here in brindza -- >> doug: they're bringing it here, man-to-man coverage. >> dan: golson gets it out near side incomplete. that brings up fourth down. so they didn't gain anything in
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this beginning to overtime. >> doug: the goal did not come out of everett golson's hands. a little underthrown to will fuller. now it's a long field goal attempt with the new holder. >> dan: it will be about a 42-yard attempt. there's malik zaire. brindza gives him a little tap on the helmet to say we've got this one. missed earlier. >> doug: you have to have confidence and trust in this guy. >> dan: from 38. zaire didn't get a point after down. he's got this one down and brindza has plenty of leg but this drifts off to the left. brindz brindza, the all-time leader in history is 0 for 2 tonight, from 38 and now from 42 in overtime. >> doug: ball is set down, laces off to the left side. no rotation of the ball by the holder malik zaire, and the ball hooks to the laces side and
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hooks left. not that that's the reason it hooked but it was a holder that just says, hey, all i'm going to do is put this down and make sure i get it down so you can kick it. >> dan: is jack mitchell going to be the hero again? >> doug: he's been hero number one so far to send this thing to overtime. all they need is a field goal so they can play conservatively here and just gain some yards to shorten that field goal attempt. this is why it's such an advantage to go second. >> dan: keeping it on the ground with no gain here. nyles morgan was right there. >> doug: there was no hesitation by morgan on that one. he just read the play and went right to it. very aggressive defensively. notre dame knows that northwestern would like to just run the football in this situation. >> dan: mike, what have you got?
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>> mike: that's about the fourth time i've seen nyles morgan trust his eyes, flash and make a play. >> dan: and this one loses two or three yards. jackson and siemian were never in sync there. >> doug: you're playing not to lose -- both these teams offensively have been aggressive all night and now all of a sudden you're getting conservative because you have a chance to win. now you're sitting here at third and 13 situation, something you haven't been in all night. maybe come back to that screen pass. >> dan: total yards here are minus three by the two teams so far in overtime. siemian quick look to the right but he gives it to warren long. he gets just inside the 25, back to the 24. jaylon smith brings him down but on fourth and nine, jack mitchell comes back out to the
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field. so this will be a 41-yarder to win it. >> doug: playing so conservative with draws and screen on third and long just to give yourself this opportunity. >> dan: made the 45-yarder to send it to overtime. this to pull off the upset again at notre dame stadium. 41-yarder on the way for mitchell. absolutely good! and northwestern has beaten notre dame! 19 years removed from another upset.
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he hadn't made a field goal more than 29 yards all season long. he comes into notre dame stadium, goes four for five, including three 40-plus field goals made and jack mitchell and northwestern have pulled off the upset on notre dame again. >> doug: two of those field goals with the game on the line. one at the end of the game to tie it, the other in overtime. just give me the opportunity, i'll put it through. did it with confidence both times. everything was nice and clean for him. perfect hold, perfect kick. there's no doubt about that. >> dan: so while brindza and notre dame had their kicking problems, there was jack mitchell in his first year in football after a couple of years
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for the wildcat baseball team. who ends up being the difference for northwestern. the middle of the fourth quarter, notre dame led 40-29 has northwestern scores the last 14 points of the game. let's go down to kathryn. >> kathryn: coach, 19 95 you complete the upset of the century as a player. 2014 another huge upset. which one is sweeter? >> i think coach barnett said in '95 it was no upset. i'm really proud. especially our seniors made a lot of big plays down the stretch and notre dame it was a heck of a battle but really proud of our guys. >> kathryn: how would you grade your quarterback's performance? >> 1-0. our backs were against the wall. we talked about this being a playoff type game going back to high school in november. the young men got it done. i'm so happy for them. i'm so happy for our staff. daddy is coming home with a win. >> kathryn: jack mitchell had the game on his shoulders twice.
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what can you say about him performing under pressure? >> jack is a young man from california and pretty chill. he's a terrific young man. also plays baseball. really proud of him. it's a whole man operation, a team win and really proud of everybody. i can't thank our fans enough for the support. our backs are against the wall still. >> kathryn: what does a win like this do for the program? >> keep us one step closer getting to postseason for our seniors. we've been to five bowl games over the last six years. this program is in unbelievable shape. we've lost some heart breaking losses but these guys have persevered, stayed together and that's what wildcats too. >> kathryn: coach, what did you tell them right before overtime? >> we talk about playing together and pound our chest. that's what we do at the end of the practice and i'm really proud of them. >> kathryn: coach, congratulations. >> thanks, kathryn. >> dan: there's that go cats line that fitzgerald squeezes in
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there after every interview he does. he's as positive as you can possibly be. we talked to him earlier this week, doug, and he said you know what, the program has been snake bit lately. i haven't lost hope, i haven't lost faith. they lost that seven in a row down the stretch of the season last year. we had some injuries, yeah, we're keeping battling here but thin things just haven't gone our way when they needed to but this has to be especially satisfying for a guy that was a one-time notre dame recruit all those years ago before going to northwestern and playing there, coaching here now. let's go back down to kathryn. >> kathryn: trevor, congratulations on the big win. what does this mean for you and your teammates? >> it means a lot, especially for the team. it hasn't been the year we wanted but we knew we had a chance coming out here. nobody else really gave us a chance. it's pretty cool. i don't know what else to say, it's awesome. >> kathryn: you faced a lot of adversity in this game. a couple of dropped balls but still managed the offense very
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effectively how did you do that? >> the offensive line played their tails off. the receivers stepped up when we needed them the most. early in the first half i said it would come down to a couple of plays and sure enough, what do you know. >> kathryn: how long do you enjoy this one in evanston? >> two days. >> kathryn: thanks, trevor. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> kathryn: dan, back up to you. >> dan: northwestern pulls off the win over a team that a short time ago was in the national championship conversation. a lot has happened since then as notre dame falls to 7-3. northwestern goes to 4-6. snaps a four-game losing streak. you look at tom hruby who joined the team last week. first action in the college i can't tell game, active navy s.e.a.l. and he is a part of big-time celebration in that corner of end zone for northwestern and the band. >> doug: the game from the beginning went the way northwestern wanted it. the way they were moving the ball, getting the ball out, moving the chains. kyle prater had a huge day
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catching ten balls. siemian on target all day long. and it turned, it looked like notre dame was going to run the clock out, eat it up and sneak away and the last guy you would expect to cough up the ball, cam mcdaniel, two hands on it at first, ibrahim campbell rips at it. the ball is loose, hall jumps on it. hall had a costly interference call that appeared as though it would have lost the game. instead the opportunity comes back and cam gave northwestern the opportunity. >> dan: disappointment written all over the team captain's face. as cam mcdaniel with a costy fumble. there were three other turnovers beside that, four total for notre dame. it's what we've been hearing kelly preaching all year long, doug. we can't continue to expect to win football games turning it over this much. so they added to that turnover total tonight. again, four. northwestern turned the ball over a lot but in the end they got the job done and the baseball player, the outfielder
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in his other sport for northwestern gets it done, comes up with some clutch kicks with the game on the line twice. >> doug: just when they were given the opportunity, northwestern took advantage of it. it's a team that played their best football all day long. a young notre dame defense allowing a lot of points a game again and turnovers on offense. >> dan: well, for brian kelly's press conference go to and next saturday the louisville cardinals are here. they come to south bend to take on the fighting irish. first-ever meeting between those two teams. coverage begins at 3:00. starting at 8:tonight da00 toni dateline. stay with us on nbcsn for the notre dame postgame show. for our entire crew, dan hicks saying so long. notre dame loses it 43-40.
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